• Program Development
    Collection and organization of client requirements through meetings and interviews.
  • Preliminary Design Schemes
    Space Planning
    Architectural Details
    Generic Furniture Plan
  • Design Development (completing final solutions)
    Space Planing
    Architectural Details
    Furniture Plans
  • Selection of Colors and Materials:
    Floor Surfaces
    Ceiling Tiles
  • Final Working Drawings
    Floor Plan
    Details and Sections
    Millwork Plans and Details
    Finish and Materials Schedule
    Furniture Plans
    Finish and Materials Reference Books
    Reflected Ceiling Plan
    Furniture Specs and Quotes
  • Supervision
    Site Visits
  • Installation
    Site Visits / Delivery Schedules
  • Accessories
    Art Program
    Plant Program
    Chart Holders
  • Walk Through with Client & Punch List

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